VPN Access

Safe, anonymous web surfing

If, for whatever reason, you wish to mask your online footprint, we’ve the perfect solution for you. With all our website hosting packages, you’ll be able to get VPN access and have your entire inbound and outbound web site traffic re–routed through one of our VPN data centers. And you will be able to take full advantage of the very same VPN settings on just about any gadget that is connected online – your desktop machine, your laptop computer, your mobile phone, and so on.


A secure and safe web application firewall software

All our website hosting packages feature ModSecurity automatically. ModSecurity is a small Apache module that does an excellent job – it functions as a web application firewall software, successfully shielding your sites against hacker assaults. And it all takes place immediately, without you having to configure or set up anything. Your websites will become defended as soon as you choose to host them with us.

Data Backups

Your site content can be restored whenever you want

Not a single website is secured against hacker attacks. Your site might be affected even by accidental content deleting on your part. Still when using our backup service, we will easily recover your web site content at any time. Aside from the everyday server backups that we’re performing, you can yourself make manual back–up copies of all your web site content with one mouse click using the File Manager, which is incorporated into your Web Hosting Control Panel. Just generate a ZIP archive of the directory(ies) that you wish to manually back up and put it in a location of your liking.

Remote MySQL Access

Remotely connect to your database

Generally, a MySQL database could only be accessed by sites that are created in exactly the same web hosting account as the database. But using our easy–to–use Remote MySQL functionality, you’ll be able to enable database access to some other hostname. This can be quite helpful if you possess different online stores and wish to share a client database across all of them.


Build and manage your own web sites in the cloud at the cheapest possible end price

Host your high–demand sites in the cloud at an inexpensive price. Our custom–made website hosting platform will give you a plentiful of hosting resources and also distributes the server load among a couple of physical servers, so you will never ever face slow speeds or network disturbances. With unmetered hard disk space and monthly bandwidth quotas, you won’t need to worry about your websites. Every cloud hosting plan offers a point & click Web Hosting Control Panel so that you can effortlessly fully utilize the available hosting resources, plus an unconditional thirty–day MBG so that you can get your money back if you’re not pleased.

Email Manager

Your all–in–one email management software tool

The point & click Mail Accounts Manager will make it possible for you to set up brand–new mail accounts, create custom autoresponder messages, redirect emails, set up email filters and also change the levels of anti–spam protection easily. What’s more, if you’re more experienced, you can make use of the inbuilt SPF protection service.

30–Day Money–Back Guarantee

Claim a reimbursement in case you’re not content

Our website hosting packages are backed up by a 30–day money–back guarantee. Therefore, in case, for some reason, you’re not entirely satisfied with the quality of the offered services, you will be able to contact the sales team members to ask for a full refund. You can email us, send a ticket, give us a ring or use the live chat service.

Multiple Data Centers

Website hosting packs in the USA, in Europe and in Australia

Presently we have datacenters in the United States of America (Steadfast in Chicago), in Europe (Pulsant in close proximity to London, Ficolo in Pori, Finland and Telepoint in Sofia, Bulgaria) and in Australia (Amaze in Sydney). We have meticulously picked out each datacenter facility in order to ensure enterprise–grade website hosting solutions for all your web sites and apps. There won’t be any extra fees – the price will stay the same no matter which data center facility you choose.

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