A domain name is an easy-to-remember and unique web address which you're able to acquire for your site. It maps a numeric IP address that is used to distinguish web sites and units on the Internet but it's easier to remember or share. Each and every domain name includes two different parts - the specific name that you select as well as its extension. To give an example, in domain.com, “domain” is referred to as Second-Level Domain and it is the element you're able to choose, and “.com” is the extension, that is also referred to as Top-Level Domain (TLD). You'll be able to register a new domain name through any licensed registrar company or relocate an existing one between registrars if the extension allows this function. This type of a transfer doesn't change the possession of a domain; the thing that changes is the place where you'll be able to manage that domain name. The vast majority of the domain name extensions are free for registration by every entity, yet a large number of country-code extensions have specific requirements such as regional presence or an active business registration.
Domain Registration/Transfer in Website Hosting
If you obtain a Linux website hosting package from our company, you are able to select from more than 50 domain extensions for your new domain name - both generic and country-specific ones. We will offer a practically instant registration service due to the fact that we partner with an certified ICANN registrar - the organization that handles the domain name platform worldwide. When you obtain a new domain name, it'll be activated within a few minutes, so you are able to start working on your site without any delay. You can also transfer an existing domain name that you have obtained using another company and handle it from one place with the website hosting space for it on our end. Our advanced Domain Manager interface gives you complete control over your domains - renewals, Whois Privacy Protection, custom records, forwarding, WHOIS data management, and many more.
Domain Registration/Transfer in Semi-dedicated Hosting
With our semi-dedicated server packages, you will be able to create as many domains as you desire and manage them from one place along with your hosting account using our multifunctional Hepsia Control Panel. You'll be able to choose from more than fifty country-specific & generic extensions and due to the fact that a lot of them have specific requirements to be registered, we'll give you a hand from time of your order up till the moment your domain names are accessible on the Web. In case you currently have domain names via another provider and you want to host them on our end, you can also transfer them over since it'll be easier to take care of everything using a single account as opposed to browsing through different systems. We partner with an ICANN-licensed registrar, which means that we'll supply very prompt registrations plus a lot of advanced domain management options.
Domain Registration/Transfer in Dedicated Web Hosting
We're an accredited registrar, so when you get a dedicated server from our company, you'll be able to register domain names for your websites as well. Our rates are very budget-friendly plus our registrations are nearly split-second, which means that it does not take over several minutes before your brand new websites go online. We will help you with the registration process for all of the extensions which have certain requirements and we will ensure that the registration process goes as quickly and as easily as possible. You'll be able to select from 50+ TLDs, both country-code and generic ones, so that you can choose the suitable domain names for all your sites taking into consideration the countries that you would like to focus on or the kind of the sites that you'll host on your server. When you want to host domains registered somewhere else, you may as well move them here and control everything handily from one place.